Wedding Planner

We can help you plan your dream wedding with our professional wedding planner who will be able to assist you with the design, planning and management of your wedding so that all you will have to do is enjoy your special day. 

Venue Decoration

Whatever theme or style you may wish for, our professional team will be on hand to assist with all the assembly of indoor and outdoor spaces as well as all the preparation and styling details for your special moment.

Wedding Service

We ensure the best planning and the most unique service, so that your wedding will become a treasured and very happy memory.


Corporate Events

We can organise your corporate event so that every single detail is thought of, in particular annual general meetings, product presentations and launches, company training sessions and trade dinners.

Private events

Any family celebration should be an excuse for a joyful reunion at Vila Idalina, namely a christening, a holy communion, a birthday or any other special occasion.  

Photo Shoot & Sessions

Both our landscaped gardens as well as our indoor décor are highly sought after for exclusive brands and trade photos or merely a fun and memorable photo shoot with friends.